Corny Gas Station Peoples

by Comical Chemical Brothers

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fresh and inventive styles


2016! Who else out there right now is saying that?
Come on old corny gas station peoples!
Let me know you're with me!
Feel it feel it!

Straight from the year that i was born in, 2004
I'm very young
Here we come
Gonna get things done
This song ain't sung
You better get a better keyboard from Samsung
Oh shit, they's doing the tv, son
Ain't no way that shits ever gonna be undone
Say, anybody got any Tums?
My stomachs is feeling upsets
I might have the runs

For the gas station
any unsuspecting
across the street from 2016
we here, back in the middle
cross between 2004, coming out to you
for showing up for the dances
that still count
even though it's not the same year

coming around
bout to go downtown
see what kinda shit might be happening
but there's no one around
just a couple dudes hanging out in front of that pizza shop
wearing a frown
cuz the shit is closed
can't get a slice
or any kind of appetites
shit is closed tonight
it's only a Tuesday
Tuesday equals blues day
ain't no shit open
homies be hanging out
nobody can get a slice or a Coke
this is the kind of shit we're dealing with on the streets
it's real, it's live, it's in your face
homies showing up trying to get a slice of pizza and a Coke
and they can't get 'em
that's the real horrors of today
let's give the rest of the shout out to the dead homies
i mean the homies who couldn't get a slice of pizza
cuz the shit was closed
this is for all them

watch it!

the shits too hot!
it's too hot for Tupac
the shit can't be handled
it can't be conpoct
it's gotta get out it's gotta explode
into the epoch, Epcot
let's get on the Disneyland
let's show them motherfuckers something other than sand
we come here to Lan-don
not to reprimand, son
let's check him out
this homies got clout
without a doubt
he's on the corny keys, about to spout
this ain't even his route
ain't no drought
on the freshness tonight
cuz you gotta get out
hanging out
ain't no doubt
right on


released July 19, 2016
Adam Ast - rhymes
Kid Junior - beats and keys



all rights reserved